Behind Kin & Kodachrome

I have been so blessed lately to have many wonderful new followers on social media, so I figured I’d take this chance to re-introduce myself. It’s easy to assume your readers have been following you for awhile, but the reality is, new followers pop up every day! So I hope this is a fun way for those of who have just started following the blog to see a bit of who I am.

What Made You Start Kin & Kodachrome?

Before I had Kin & Kodachrome, I wrote a blog called That Running Girl. I’ve been a runner for nearly 20 years and loved the platform to share my experiences and help motivate others.

While I still run and am constantly training for new things, I decided to create a more lifestyle-oriented blog that wasn’t focused only on running. I love traveling, style and healthy living, so I figured I would build a blog that is more well rounded.

What Do You Do When You’re Not Blogging?

My full-time job is a senior copywriter at a retail company in Dallas. I’ve worked for two different big retailers in the area over the past five years, which has also been a huge inspiration for the “fashion” side of the blog.

When I’m not blogging or copywriting, I am spending most of my time volunteering for a Dallas-based animal rescue group called Dallas DogRRR. I’ve got a huge a passion for animals, specifically dogs, and love every minute I’m able to spend helping save the many stray dogs in Dallas.

I also, of course, spend plenty of time running and binging Netflix also. Ozark, anyone!?

Do You Have Your Own Dogs?

Yes. I have three dogs of my own: my chocolate lab, Nolan; black lab, Mia; and white pit bull mix, Chevy (who was a foster fail). Unfortunately, they are kind of insane, so it’s tough to get many photos of them to post on the blog and/or social media. 😉

Are You Married?

I’ve been married to my best friend, Mark, for more than five years now! I’m so lucky that he’s an extremely supportive husband (I mean, he lets me have three dogs, so…) and he fully encourages me every day to have fun with my blog, even when it seems like a struggle.

How Did You Pick The Name Kin & Kodachrome?

While I don’t mention this on my blog often, my dad passed away about six years ago. When I decided that I wanted to re-invent my blog, I knew I wanted to include my dad in the new name somehow. I thought about incorporating his name, but couldn’t come up with anything I liked. And then I decided to look up alternative words for “dad” and I got “kin.”

But where did the Kodachrome come from? Well, it is one of my favorite Paul Simon songs (I’m a huge music lover!). The song Kodachrome was written as an appreciation of the things in life that color our world. And that’s exactly what I want this blog to be — an appreciation of the things in life that color our world. So there you have it, Kin & Kodachrome.

Feel free to leave any questions you guys have in the comments!


SheIn Striped Dress | Merona Harriet Strap Sandals | Tory Burch Small Parker Tote (Color is Cardamom) | Tory Burch Mini Reva Double Wrap Watch | LOFT Square Sunglasses

A Summer Dress Under $20

If you’re anything like me, dresses are a summertime essential. During the winter, I tend to wear denim almost daily, but summer in Texas is hot and dresses are nice and cool.

This floral lace smock dress from SheIn is perfect for everyday. It’s relaxed enough you can wear it to run errands (like I did) or it can be dressed up for a day in the office.

I paired this dress with my new favorite affordable gladiator sandals for a casual look.


SheIn Floral Smock Dress (TTS, wearing an XS) c/o | Mossimo Gertie Gladiator Sandal | MICHELE Deco | MICHELE White Saffiano Leather Strap | Actlure Brown Leather Crossbody Bag

SheIn Smock Dress


SheIn Summer Ruffle Dress

During summer in Texas, lightweight sleeveless dresses are the way to go. This dress from SheIn is not only comfortable, it’s so cute! I love anything with ruffles and this dress is no exception.

I’m so excited to take this dress with me this week to Lake Tahoe. Mark and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and have a fun dinner date planned one of the nights we are there. This dress is the perfect summer date night dress!

SheIn Ruffle Dress (under $30! I would definitely size up on this. I’m wearing an XS and wish I’d ordered a S) | Skagen Mikkeline Handbag | Merona Harriet Lace-Up Sandals | MICHELE Deco Madison | Baublebar Maxim Cuff Set