Wellness Wednesday: Keeping Up Your New Year’s Resolution

By now, we’ve probably all had some trouble keeping up with our new year’s resolutions. At least I know I have. My goal of making my bed every single morning lasted about three weeks before I quit. Hopefully you’ve been better than me and are still going strong, but if you’re struggling to keep up with your resolution, here are some tips that may help.


I find the best way to hold myself accountable to do anything is to write it down. Whether it’s cutting back on sugar (a constant struggle for me) or trying to work out more, seeing my goal written down on paper tends to be a huge motivator. If you’re more of a digital person, try downloading an app that can keep track of everything. I personally love the MyFitnessPal app when it comes to tracking food and fitness.


I know whenever I mess up on a resolution, goal, etc. I tend to get frustrated and give up all together. I am living proof that one of the easiest ways to fail at your resolution is by being too hard on yourself. If you happen to skip a workout (or don’t make your bed one day), just tell yourself tomorrow’s a new day and start again then. Nobody’s perfect and it’s impossible to try to be!


Let’s say your goal is to workout five days a week. Having someone that will push you to work out on the days when you really don’t want to is key to being successful. What’s even better? Finding someone with the same goal as you so that you can both hold each other accountable.


As humans, we like to be rewarded for our successes. This can go a long way when it comes to keeping your resolution. Whether you treat yourself with something sweet or a day at the spa, knowing that you’re working toward something rewarding can be a big motivation.

I hope you find this post helpful in keeping your goals! Just know you’re definitely not the only one struggling to keep it going. But by incorporating some of the tips above, you will be much more motivated to stick with your resolution.


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Wellness Wednesday: How To Train For Your First 5k

Don’t forget to sign up for Thursday’s CycleBar Uptown class here! The class starts at 7:30pm. I’d love to meet you guys before or after the class!

I love to run. In fact, I’ve been running since I was 13 years old. If you do the math, that’s 18 years. (Yikes, I’m old.) I’ve run so many races I can’t even remember them all. Although I’m not currently training for anything, right now I run 3-4 miles five days a week.

Over the years, I’ve had so many friends and family members come to me for running advice. The most common question I’ve gotten is how to train for a 5k. Whether you’re wanting to eventually run a full marathon or you’re just looking to get back into shape, the 5k is a great way to ease into running. If you’re looking to get into running, here are some tips to help make the transition easier.


Don’t be discouraged if you need to run/walk to begin with. The reality is that you burn just as many calories walking a mile as you do running. For your first week, try to set a small goal. A good example is 20 to 30 minutes of jogging, running or walking three times a week. You should also make sure to space out your rest days so your body can recover.


As you begin to feel more comfortable running, try incorporating in some speed work one day a week. To begin with, try running 5 one-minute intervals at a pace you would feel comfortable holding for a full 5k. If you’re a new runner and looking for some beginners speed workouts, click here.


Something I constantly have to remind myself to do is strength work. I tend to default to running or cycling and forget to incorporate strength workouts into my routine. Body-weight exercises like push-ups, planks and ab exercises are all great options. If you tend to work out at home like I do, I highly recommend BBG.


There is nothing more motivating than knowing you’ve got a race coming up. If you are serious about running a 5k, go ahead and sign up for one that’s about 8 weeks out. Here is a list of upcoming races in the DFW area!


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Introducing A New Series: Wellness Wednesdays



My goal for the blog in 2018 is simple: tell a story. I am a full-time copywriter, so storytelling is what I do. When I think about my favorite blogs to follow, they all have one thing in common: they tell a story. So I am going to do my best this year to pull back the curtain a bit. In assessing my blog over the past few months, I feel like I haven’t shared more than sale items and style tips. And while I still intend to do that, I want to share more with you.

Yesterday I polled you guys on Instagram stories asking if you’d like to see more healthy living tips like diet, exercise and clean products. I was so excited to get a resounding yes from you all. I don’t want to take away from my current content at all, but I feel like healthy living is a huge part of my life and my story, so I am going to start a weekly series called Wellness Wednesday.

What can you expect from this series?


I rarely share anything about my diet on the blog, but I have been a pescatarian for about eight months now. This means I eat a fully vegetarian diet with the exception of fish. Because of this, I am forced to find healthy ways to incorporate protein into my daily diet. I have always had a passion for nutrition, but this has definitely caused me to take an even deeper look at what I eat each day and I have honestly never felt better!


I actually work out 5 times a week. I’ve been a runner since I was 13 years old (I actually got into blogging with a running blog called That Running Girl several years ago) and have enjoyed finding ways to grow as a runner and fitness lover ever since. I am a self-admitted cardio fiend, but work hard to incorporate strength training into my routine. I am always trying new things (my most recent journey is BBG!) and will share some of my favorite workouts with you guys.


While this is admittedly still a work in progress, I have cleaned up the products that I used substantially over the past few years. This has taken a lot of research to find out what is in the products I grew up using and what I should be avoiding. It is amazing what you will find in things we use every day like deodorant, face wash, makeup, etc. As I discover and use new products, I will give you all an honest review (let’s be real, sometime all we care about is how well the makeup stays on!).

I think this series will be really fun for me and hopefully beneficial for you as well. Because healthy living is such a big part of my life, it only makes sense that I find a way to incorporate it into the blog! (I will, of course, stay in tune with the theme of my blog which is “accessibility,” because it’s important to me that everything I post is realistic for you guys to buy/try.)

If there is ever anything you want to see on a Wellness Wednesday post, let me know! Thanks for reading. 🙂