Tips For Finding Petite Clothes

Kin & Kodachrome Petite Clothes

Since I was a teenager, I’ve struggled to find clothes that fit me right. Most pants and long-sleeved shirts are too long and I can never find a jacket that fits me the way I want. I always felt like “shopping in the petite section” wasn’t cool, but in reality, I was continuing to purchase oversized clothing! I finally decided to start ordering petite clothes a few years ago and it made a huge difference to my wardrobe. (Unfortunately, most brands don’t have petite sections in the actual store anymore. Such a bummer!) Since I’ve learned some tips and tricks through trial and error, I wanted to share them with you now too!

MY FAVORITE BRANDS: I’ve found when buying clothes as a petite person, it’s easiest to actually try clothes on. When I have the time, I love to actually shop in stores so I can get the true feel for the fit. While many brands no longer sell petite clothes in their stores, a few still do. Loft, Nordstrom, J.Crew and Banana Republic (occasionally) still carry petite sizes in stores. If I’m ordering online, Gap, ASOS and Express offer a great selection of petite clothing.

ORDERING ONLINE: When I order online, I always make sure to check the sizing chart. When it comes to my favorite brands, I typically know what size I wear, but if I’m trying a new brand out, I find it best to check out the measurements. A lot of brands now allow customers to upload photos of themselves wearing the clothing to give you an idea of the fit, which I find extremely helpful!

KNOW YOUR INSEAM: Although jeans may be considered petite, inseams can be inconsistent depending on the brand. If you know your inseam, it’s much easier to order pants online without worrying if they’ll be too long.

FIND A TAILOR: Let’s be honest, sometimes the cutest clothes don’t come in petite sizes. If this is the case, it’s usually easiest to order your normal size and take the pieces to a tailor to get fitted. Even the longest pants can usually be altered to fit us shorties. 😉

Kin & Kodachrome Petite Clothes
Kin & Kodachrome Petite Clothes
Kin & Kodachrome Petite Clothes

LOFT Textured Shirttail Sweater (on sale for under $25, color is called Whisper White) | Banana Republic Petite Ryan-Fit Chambray Sailor Shorts (I found these to fit big, I am wearing a 2, but wish I’d gone with a 0) | Merona Harriet Lace Up Sandals (only $30!) | Banana Republic Portfolio Structured Leather Tote | Tory Burch Whitney Watch


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