Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

The other day I was shooting with my favorite photographer, Angie, and told her, “I hate my legs. Try not to shoot to much of them, please.” She laughed and continued shooting.

This is certainly not the first time a thought like this has popped into my head when I’m taking photos, reviewing them, or just trying to find something to wear. “I hate this…” or “Why can’t I be like this…” It’s a constant struggle for me and millions of other women every day.

But the truth is, I was created to be exactly the way I should be. I’ve always hated being short (5’1.75″ to be exact :P), but there is nothing wrong with it. Just because society tells us we need to be tall and thin does not meet there is anything wrong with being short and semi-thin (lol).

So I write this all to encourage anyone reading to feel comfortable in your own skin–whatever that may be. The world is made up of women who are all different shapes and sizes, and all beautiful. I would like for you to make an effort, along with me, to stop yourself the next time you wish you looked different. Some of my favorite bloggers are my height and look amazing, proof there is nothing wrong with it! 😀

And that goes beyond our bodies. I constantly get discouraged that my blog isn’t “successful” or as big as I’d like it to be, but what’s important is that I enjoy owning it and it brings me joy. Life is entirely too short to continually compare ourselves to other people. I hope this brings at least one of you a little encouragement!

Thanks for reading!


Gibson Ruffled Handkerchief Hem Top (TTS, wearing an XS) | J.Crew Toothpick Jeans (wearing a 2, had these tailored a bit to hit right above the ankle) | Wanderlust & Co. Crescent Necklace | MICHELE Deco Diamond (with two-tone bracelet) |  White Valentino Dupes (Y’ALL – These are only $36! They’re not even linkable for me, but I had to share!) | Goyard Goyardine St. Louis PM | Target Round Sunglasses (sold out, similar)


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