How I Edit Photos On My iPhone

kinandkodachromeOne of the biggest changes I’ve tried to make to my blog over the past year is the quality of my photography. This has come through a lot of trial and error. And while I still don’t think my photos are completely where I want them to be, I also feel like I’ve come a long way when I look back at my photos from a year ago.

When I snap a photo on my phone, there are several photo apps I use. Here is the original version of this photo I took. You’ll notice the light is very splotchy, the photo is offcentered and there is some residue on my Diptyque candle holder.



I use Snapseed to adjust the lighting and crop my photos. I always try to make the main object in my photo the very center and make sure that the photo is leveled. In the Snapseed app, you can select specific portions of the image to lighten.




If I need to remove something from my image and I only have access to my phone, I use an app called Easy Eraser. This app is not nearly as good as Photoshop, but it will do in a pinch. And trust me, most of the things I remove are done because I’m a perfectionist and get bothered by the smallest things (like the smudge I removed from this photo).



To keep my Instagram account as consistent as possible, I use the same two VSCO filters for any photos I post: A5 and A6. I always use these filters at +6 or +7. Other than that, I will sometimes adjust the saturation, contrast and exposure, but try to keep these pretty true to the photo.



Once I’ve made all other edits to my photo, I will usually sharpen the photo in Instagram and perhaps play with the brightness to match the surrounding images. Below is the final image once it’s been edited through Instagram.



Once I’ve edited my photo, I will upload it to Planoly to see how it looks within my feed. This app has seriously been a game-changer for me! You do have to pay monthly for it (it’s $10 a month), but to me it’s totally worth it. It’s been the biggest help for me to try and keep my feed cohesive.


I hope this helps you see how simple editing a photo can be! While it may seem like there are several steps involved, it really only takes me 5 minutes to fully edit a photo from start to finish. And seeing the drastic difference makes it worth it to me. I’d love to know of any apps that help you edit photos!


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