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If you’re a procrastinator like me, you’ve probably put off buying a Valentine’s Day gift too. Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to buy for guys! I like to find unique gifts that I know Mark would never buy for himself, so I’ve put together some great options for you guys that are also available at the last minute.

The Michael Kors Gage watch is Mark’s favorite watch he owns (and he owns a lot!). This is such a classic looking watch and I love the luggage leather strap. The black amber soap (also available on Amazon with prime shipping) smells amazing and is a great gift for any guy!

The personalized beer glasses are perfect for the beer lover in your life, while the portable, hand-powered espresso machine is great for the guy who needs coffee on the go! Finally, I love this Jack Spade wallet. The slim silhouette is modern, but the color is so classic.

I hope this helps some of you last-minute gifters like me!

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