5 Unique Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Can you believe Valentine’s Day is less than 8 days away!? I can’t believe how quick this month is flying by. I love using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to plan fun, unique dates. I’ve put together five of my favorites for you guys, I hope you enjoy!


Mark and I really love getting breakfast together. We try to get creative and try new restaurants regularly, but sometimes our staples are just too hard to beat. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, I think it’d be really fun to grab an early breakfast together. This is such a great way to spend time together before the chaos of the work day begins. Plus, who doesn’t love a good heart-shaped pancake!?


I am known as the “queen of weekend trips” at my office because I love a good weekend getaway. I tend to get bored on trips that last longer than 3 days, so a long weekend is the perfect length of time for me! Even two days can be fun, especially if you do a staycation. I’ve done several staycations in Dallas and loved exploring the city I live in with fresh eyes. If you’re planning to do a staycation in Dallas, I recommend the NYLO Dallas South Side, the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas and the Fairmont Dallas.


It’s no secret that everyone is busy these days. Between working late, after-hours social events and trying to hit the gym, it feels like our evenings can fill up quickly. I always hate when I get home late because I don’t get to spend time with Mark. For Valentine’s Day, why not create that perfect stay-at-home date? Maybe for you it’s cooking together, ordering in or watching your favorite movie together? During the hustle and bustle of the week, this can be the perfect, relaxing way to spend your Valentine’s Day.


One of my favorite things to do with Mark is walk. Whether we’re just taking a walk around our neighborhood or walking through a new city on a trip, I feel like we have the best conversations when there’s no pressure. Maybe it’s the fresh air or the endorphins, but walking just puts me in a good mood and makes me want to chat away. I think it’d be so fun to grab dinner then spend the rest of the evening walking around a shopping center or outdoor park area with some coffee or ice cream.


Mark and I love to remember our first date. There’s just something about the butterflies you experience that first time you hang out together as more than friends that is so romantic. A fun Valentine’s Day date night idea could be reliving your first date night stop by stop!

I hope you all found these ideas helpful. I’d love to hear a few of your unique date ideas!

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