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When I found out I was going to San Diego last weekend, I immediately started looking up fun activities that both my mom and I could enjoy. As a lover of the ocean, I am always interested in doing things that get me on the water (see my recent trip to Charleston). During my research, I stumbled upon this blog post by La Jolla Mom. Bingo.

Excuse these photos, most were taken in a waterproof phone case. 😉

Everyday California

When I booked our kayak tour with Everyday California, I was told that the early morning tours are typically best and the water is less choppy, so I booked us on the earliest available tour: 9:40 am. It’s recommended that you arrive 30 minutes early to check in and get prepared for the tour.

Everyday California

When my mom and I walked up to Everyday California, we immediately saw people standing outside for the first tour wearing wetsuits. When we walked in to check in, the employee at the front desk highly recommended we rent wetsuits as well (only $10 each) because we would get wet. Although I’d never worn a wetsuit before, I knew I did not want to be wet and cold for the next hour and a half. You are also given a helmet and lifejacket at no cost.Everyday California

Once everyone had checked in, the tour guide led us down to the beach where our kayaks and paddles were waiting for us. Everyone was in a double kayak, which made the thought of being out in the ocean much less scary. One by one, the tour guides helped us get settled into our kayaks and pushed us out into the water. This was the only time we got wet as the tide was very high and the water was very choppy by the beach. Since my mom was in the front seat, she endured the brunt of the waves. But just know, you will get wet, no matter what seat you’re in!

Everyday California

Once we got past the beach area, it was smooth sailing. We took off as a group and the two tour guides made sure everyone stayed together. The guides were so helpful, funny and knowledgeable. We would stop every 10 minutes or so and they’d fill us in on the history of La Jolla.

Everyday California

Unfortunately, the tide was too high for us to paddle into any of the caves. From what I’ve read, you are almost guaranteed to see some sea life inside of the cave areas. But judging by the enormous waves crashing into the caves, I’m glad we didn’t take a chance!

Overall, I had an incredible experience with Everyday California. From the time I booked the tour over the phone to the very end of the tour when they helped us ashore, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

A few things I would suggest when kayaking with Everyday California:

• Leave your phone and all valuables at the Everyday California shop (or buy a waterproof phone case)

• Invest in a locker for $3 to leave your valuables

• Splurge on the wetsuit — you will get wet!

• Wear flip flops or leave your shoes at the beach (there’s an area to drop them off)

• Wear sunscreen even if it’s not hot outside (my face got some sun!)

• Tip your tour guides, it’s a huge part of their pay

I received a friends and family price to give an honest review of my experience at Everyday California. All opinions are my own.

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