Find Your Flavor Soulmate With Chobani

I have been a yogurt lover for years now. I always have some in my fridge for breakfast or an easy snack. So when Chobani challenged me to find my flavor soulmate, I couldn’t turn it down.

According to the chart, I am Sweet N’ Salty (no surprise there!). In fact, I had a Coffee Break Bliss for breakfast today!

My answers were:

  1. Guilty Pleasures: Burger 
  2. Blasting From Earbuds: Music
  3. Sunday Brunch: Thrown Together
  4. Dream Destination: Resort
  5. Pick Your Seat: Window
  6. How Do You Share?: Instagram

What is your flavor soulmate? I’d also love to hear some unique food combinations you guys love. My personal strange combo is either dipping fries in mayonnaise or putting salt on my orange slices. Tell me yours in the comments below!

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