Tips on Training for a Race

I’ve been running for years and years now and nothing gets me more motivated to get out on the streets or on the treadmill like an upcoming race. I am currently training for the Rock N’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon in a couple weeks and wanted to share a few things that have personally helped me when training for a race of any distance.

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Be realistic

Training for a race can be frustrating, especially if you’re training for something like a half or full marathon, which can require weeks or even months of training. Be realistic on how long it may take you train. Find a training plan that fits your current fitness level (novice, intermediate, advanced, etc.) and stick with it.

Take time to rest

One thing I’ve learned the hard way is the importance of taking full-on rest days. On rest days, I make it my goal to be as lazy as possible. ­čśë This is the body’s time to really regroup and allow your muscles to rebuild. If you plan to do any workout during a rest day,┬árelaxing yoga that helps stretch your muscles is a good option.

Fuel when needed

Another thing it took me awhile to accept is the need for fuel on long runs. While most fuel is pretty high calorie and full of sugar, it’s often needed when your body is expending so many calories. I tend to use 7 miles as my fuel point.┬áGU Energy Chews are a personal favorite.

Get excited

When you’re training for a race, it’s often easy to wear down as you get closer to race day. Be proud of how far you’ve come and get excited for race day. Most races will offer fun swag bags and race-day events that just add to the excitement of the big day.

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