How to Work Out at the Office

I have always been an afternoon workout person. Whether I’m running outside or taking a class somewhere, I prefer to go after work. This is mostly because I’m not a morning person at all and I would much rather have that extra 15 minutes of sleep than to get up and work out.

However, lately I’ve been trying out lunchtime workout sessions here and there and I have to say I’m a huge fan. I’m very lucky my office has an incredible gym that offers great classes throughout the day. Since my 15k three weeks ago, I’ve taken a little break from running to give my joints some rest. Any time I start experiencing knee pain during a long run (which I did during my race), I try to give myself some time to recover. I’ve been running for 16+ years, so I know knee pain is inevitable at this point, but I also want to be as careful as possible.

Any way, back on topic… I’ve loved taking spin and yoga classes at my gym the past few weeks. Not only do I have coworkers who are in my classes, but it’s such a great way to break up the day and refresh for the afternoon. The first time I worked out during lunch, I felt super unprepared. I didn’t bring deodorant, body spray or a hair tie and was left scrambling while rushing to get dressed after the class.

Now that I’ve worked out during lunch at my office several times, I thought I’d offer up some tips to go from sweaty to office-ready in no time.

Dress Easy


When I know I’ll be working out during lunch, I try to dress as simple as possible so I can get dressed quickly after my class or workout. Dresses and flats are a go to for me. I’ve got my eye on a few spring dresses that I can’t wait to incorporate into my wardrobe like this patterned dress from H&M and this dress from Nordstrom (now 40% off).

Bring the Essentials


After my lunchtime workouts, I head straight to the shower to rinse off. Since I’m so crunched for time, I don’t ever wash my hair (despite sweating pretty bad during class!), so I make sure to bring along everything I’ll need to get myself “ready” to go back to work. Usually my hair will go up in a bun after my workout, so I love Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray to keep any fly-aways tamed. (Seriously, y’all, try this stuff!) I always throw my makeup bag into my gym bag so I can do a super-quick touchup after my workout too. Enter Bobbi Brown’s Sheer-Finish Loose Powder. It’s light and keeps my post-workout super-flushed face from looking too red or overheated. A few other must-haves to pack in your bag for a lunchtime workout class: deodorant, travel-size body spray or perfume, extra hair ties, baby powder and dry shampoo.

Snack Healthy

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After a lunchtime workout session, I tend to get hungrier-than-usual in the afternoon. I try to bring healthy snacks with me when I leave for work in the morning that will keep me from mindlessly snacking in the afternoon. A few of my favorite healthy snacks to keep me full are Enjoy Life Trail Mixes, RXBARs and of course fresh fruits and vegetables that can easily be washed and cut ahead of time.

Do any of you work out during lunch? I would love to hear your tricks and tips!

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  1. Great tips! I love the idea of breaking up the day with a workout. Grad school doesn’t afford a lunch break right now, but I can see how this would fit a 9-5 schedule really well! Going to have to try that RXBAR!

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