Things to Do in San Francisco

If you follow me on Instagram (@thatrunninggirlblog), you know I visited San Francisco over the weekend. Because my husband works for an airline, we often take last-minute weekend trips. Since we are lucky enough to fly for free, we usually just stay a day or two (unless it’s a planned vacation) to explore the city and get back home with enough time to rest up for the week ahead.

This past Thursday night, we decided to fly out to San Francisco on Friday afternoon. My husband had never been and it’d been 16 years since I’d last visited California, so this seemed like the perfect destination for a weekend trip. Now that we’ve done San Francisco in less than 48 hours, I wanted to share a few must-sees and must-dos if you’re planning a quick trip to San Fran.

To Do

Fisherman’s Wharf

The wharf is a must-do in San Francisco. There are so many amazing restaurants, fun shops and incredible views from the piers. It’s so fun to walk around and explore.

Harbor Tour

There are several different tours that leave out of the wharf area that will give you close-up views of San Francisco icons like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. (We were lucky enough to see tons of dolphins on our tour!)



 Sausalito is a San Francisco Bay Area city and it is my absolute favorite. There are so many cute restaurants and shops here and you can walk everywhere. Plus, you can’t beat these views!


To See

Sea Lions at Pier 39

You can’t visit Fisherman’s Wharf without stopping to see the sea lions at Pier 39. These sea lions live here and they are absolutely adorable.

Golden Gate Bridge

This one’s a no-brainer when you visit San Francisco. The bridge is undoubtedly one of the most iconic places in the city and there are a number of ways you can enjoy it. Whether you drive, walk or bike across the bridge, the view is just as incredible no matter what.

12400729_10208501272559954_8693551757887308395_n (1)

Painted Ladies

Most of us recognize this area either from a postcard or from the opening scene of Full House (anyone else super excited for Fuller House?!). These houses have become so recognizable in San Fran and they are truly a treat to visit. To see these beautiful homes, you will go to Alamo Square.


To Eat

Hollywood Cafe

Our second day in San Fran, we woke up super early (to beat the crowd) and grabbed breakfast at Hollywood Cafe. This is the cutest little diner that serves incredible breakfast and lunch dishes.

Seafood Peddler

This seafood restaurant on the Sausalito Bay served the best clam chowder I’ve had in my life. Enough said.


The Stinking Rose

Be prepared to chew some gum after eating here. This restaurant bases all its dishes around one thing: garlic. All of the dishes are incredible seasoned and we really enjoyed visiting an authentic restaurant in Chinatown.


So those are my tips for San Francisco. I’d love to hear what tips you have (we are already planning a trip back soon!) when visiting San Francisco. 🙂

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