How I Get Through Long Runs

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am in between family gatherings at the moment, so I figured I’d catch up on the blog. 🙂

This morning I ran 8 miles {recap of my last few weeks of half marathon training coming soon} for my long run this week. As I was running, I started thinking how difficult long runs can feel sometimes. On the days we just want to stay in bed an extra hour or be lazy after work, running longer distances can seem brutal. Here are a few things I do personally to make long runs seem more bearable.

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• Break up your run. There’s something daunting about starting off for an 8 (or more) mile run, so I try to break that into 2 four-mile runs. Four miles seem much more doable to me than eight. This morning I actually ran 5 miles outside and then came inside to run the last 3 on the treadmill (so I could watch Seinfeld on TV ha).

• Make sure you fuel properly. Distance running isn’t necessarily meant for someone trying to lose weight because longer runs require us to consume more calories before/during/after our run. I make sure to eat something substantial about an half and a half before my run, then try to eat something (or drink milk) within 10 minutes of my run.

• Treat yourself. I definitely don’t do this any time I run, but if I have an especially challenging run on my schedule (really anything 6 or more miles for me), I give myself something to look forward to after the run. Whether that be a good meal, a new pair of shoes or simply a manicure, this always motivates me to keep running.

• Stay motivated. Some of my best motivation comes from other bloggers. I love to read about other runners who are also training for something. Just knowing I’m not the only one out there running hard runs is enough to keep me going. {Hungry Runner Girl is one of my favorite running blogs to follow. She’s super motivational and an amazing runner!}

• Just keep running. It may seem obvious, but I constantly tell myself to keep running during a long run. Right now, I’m not in as good of shape as I was a few years ago, so longer runs are a struggle for me. But I can’t let that discourage me. I may not PR in my upcoming half marathon, and that’s totally fine with me. The fact that I’m completing the miles is enough for me right now.

I want to know how you stay motivated for long runs. I could definitely use the motivation as I get into the second half of my training plan!

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