Half Marathon Training: Week Three

I wanted to start this post by saying hey to all the amazing bloggers I met over the weekend at the Athleta Stonebriar one-year birthday. The event was a blast and there were some great companies there. Plus, who wouldn’t love an event that offers free wine and massages?!image1 (2)Overall, this week was a little crazy. I started a new job two weeks ago and have been adjusting to a new schedule. My plan throughout this training is to give myself two rest days each week. Unfortunately, my schedule got the best of me this week and I ended up taking three rest days. Not ideal, but I do feel like I got in some great strength training on Friday, so I’m happy overall.

My long run for the week was six miles. Thankfully the weather in Texas is finally starting to cool down, so I had a beautiful run outside on Saturday. I actually ran my first half mile at an 8-minute pace without any effort. I’m hoping the weather stays like this for a little while so I can enjoy my long runs on the weekend!


Sunday: Rest

Monday: 3-mile interval run

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3-mile run

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Crosstraining + Strength

Saturday: 6 mile-run

Total Mileage: 12 miles

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