Half Marathon Training: Weeks One + Two

Today marks the end of my second week of half marathon training. I’ve run two half marathons before, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve run my last. In fact, I actually started training for one last fall, but started struggling with IT band issues halfway through the training and decided to bow out and run the 5k instead.

So when a friend lent me her favorite half marathon training plans, I knew I wanted to try training once again. I’ve been going easy on the running recently, focusing on other workouts, so I wanted an excuse to up my running some.

I decided to slightly tweak the training plan she gave me to incorporate some additional crosstraining workouts to prevent injury and burnout. I plan to document my training for the next few months. Here is what my training has looked like the past two weeks.image1 (1)


Wednesday: 30-minute recovery run (done on the treadmill; came out to 3 miles)—this wasn’t a recovery so much since it was my first training run, but I just followed what the training called for.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 30-minute easy run (again, done on the treadmill; came out to 3 miles)

Saturday: 4 miles—first “long run”

Total Mileage: 7 MILES


Sunday: 30 minutes of crosstraining (Jillian Michaels’ Shred Level 2)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30-minute easy run (on the treadmill; came out to 3 miles)

Wednesday: 30-minute recovery run (on the treadmill; came out to 3 miles)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Strength training workout

Saturday: 5 miles

Total Mileage: 11 MILES

As you can see, this training plan is very minimal (at least for now) during the week. This was a huge selling point for me since I work full-time and do a lot of freelance work after work. I don’t have a lot of time to spend training, so I like that this pushes most of the long workouts to the weekends.

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