travel | Kayaking With Everyday California

When I found out I was going to San Diego last weekend, I immediately started looking up fun activities that both my mom and I could enjoy. As a lover of the ocean, I am always interested in doing things that get me on the water (see my recent trip to Charleston). During my research, I stumbled upon this blog post by La Jolla Mom. Bingo.

Excuse these photos, most were taken in a waterproof phone case. 😉

Everyday California

When I booked our kayak tour with Everyday California, I was told that the early morning tours are typically best and the water is less choppy, so I booked us on the earliest available tour: 9:40 am. It’s recommended that you arrive 30 minutes early to check in and get prepared for the tour.

Everyday California

When my mom and I walked up to Everyday California, we immediately saw people standing outside for the first tour wearing wetsuits. When we walked in to check in, the employee at the front desk highly recommended we rent wetsuits as well (only $10 each) because we would get wet. Although I’d never worn a wetsuit before, I knew I did not want to be wet and cold for the next hour and a half. You are also given a helmet and lifejacket at no cost.Everyday California

Once everyone had checked in, the tour guide led us down to the beach where our kayaks and paddles were waiting for us. Everyone was in a double kayak, which made the thought of being out in the ocean much less scary. One by one, the tour guides helped us get settled into our kayaks and pushed us out into the water. This was the only time we got wet as the tide was very high and the water was very choppy by the beach. Since my mom was in the front seat, she endured the brunt of the waves. But just know, you will get wet, no matter what seat you’re in!

Everyday California

Once we got past the beach area, it was smooth sailing. We took off as a group and the two tour guides made sure everyone stayed together. The guides were so helpful, funny and knowledgeable. We would stop every 10 minutes or so and they’d fill us in on the history of La Jolla.

Everyday California

Unfortunately, the tide was too high for us to paddle into any of the caves. From what I’ve read, you are almost guaranteed to see some sea life inside of the cave areas. But judging by the enormous waves crashing into the caves, I’m glad we didn’t take a chance!

Overall, I had an incredible experience with Everyday California. From the time I booked the tour over the phone to the very end of the tour when they helped us ashore, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

A few things I would suggest when kayaking with Everyday California:

• Leave your phone and all valuables at the Everyday California shop (or buy a waterproof phone case)

• Invest in a locker for $3 to leave your valuables

• Splurge on the wetsuit — you will get wet!

• Wear flip flops or leave your shoes at the beach (there’s an area to drop them off)

• Wear sunscreen even if it’s not hot outside (my face got some sun!)

• Tip your tour guides, it’s a huge part of their pay

I received a friends and family price to give an honest review of my experience at Everyday California. All opinions are my own.

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style | Going Green Under $50

One of my favorite things about fall is updating the color of my wardrobe. While I love the occasional pop of color, warm, muted tones are much more my style. So when I saw this olive green maxi on sale at Loft, I knew I had to snag it for this fall. It’s so comfortable too! It feels like wearing PJs. 🙂 And, it’s on super sale right now, so you can snag it for under $50!

Loft Olive Maxi

shop the look

| maxi dress | shoes (old, similar linked) | jacket | tote (similar) | watch head | watch strap | sunglasses |

Loft Olive Maxi

Red Tote

Highland Park Village

Women's Tan Loafers

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travel | What To Do In La Jolla

This past weekend, my mom and I went to San Diego to celebrate my 30th birthday. This was the first time we’ve taken a trip just the two of us, and it was such a fun experience. On Saturday, we drove up to La Jolla to spend the day and it was seriously the highlight of the trip.

What To Do In La Jolla

ocean kayaking

I plan to do a full blog post on my experience with Everyday California, but there’s a reason that ocean kayaking is on the top of my list. I’ll admit, it was pretty out of my comfort zone, but I was so happy we took the kayak tour once we were done because we were able to experience La Jolla in a way I never expected. For $50 a person, this is an activity I highly recommend.

Everyday California

see the seals and sea lions

I am a huge (emphasis on huge!) animal lover, so I was extra excited to see the seals and sea lions in La Jolla. Even though I’d done my research, I was still surprised how many there were. All along the coast, you’d see them swimming, sun bathing, even playing with each other.

The one thing I’d recommend when looking at the seals/sea lions: please keep your distance! There have been so many issues with people getting too close to the animals (who are in their natural habitat) recently, so it’s important to watch them from a distance. Also, if you see a seal or sea lion who is hurt, please call SeaWorld San Diego. The marine mammal rescue number is (800) 541-7325. (Info provided by La Jolla Mom.)

La Jolla Sea Lions

eat at George’s At The Cove

Several people recommended George’s when I told them we were visiting La Jolla. They weren’t lying when they said this place is a must-visit! The food was absolutely incredible and the view was something you only dream of. I ordered the blackened fish sandwich and ate every bite. The fish tasted so fresh!

George's At The Cove

walk around the shops

Only a block away from the ocean off of Prospect St. there are a ton of cute shops and places to grab souvenirs. My mom and I spent awhile just walking around the shops and grabbed coffee at a place called Brick & Bell Cafe, which I highly recommend!

Brick & Bell

shop the look

| denim jacket | top | jeans | tote | sunglasses | shoes |

La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla

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Welcome To Kin & Kodachrome


Many of you know me from That Running Girl, a blog I started two years ago. While I loved having a fitness-focused blog, I felt like it pigeon-holed me and didn’t allow me to blog about other aspects of my life. The older I get, the more I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. A couple months ago, I decided to re-invent my blog to be more travel and lifestyle and less fitness. While fitness will always be a part of my life (I’ve been running for 17 years!), I want to be able to share every part of my life. And so, Kin & Kodachrome was born.

About Kin & Kodachrome

While I don’t mention this on my blog often, my dad passed away about six years ago. When I decided that I wanted to re-invent my blog, I knew I wanted to include my dad in the new name somehow. I thought about incorporating his name, but couldn’t come up with anything I liked. And then I decided to look up alternative words for “dad” and I got “kin.” But obviously that alone wouldn’t be a blog name.

But where did the Kodachrome come from? Well, it is one of my favorite Paul Simon songs (I’m a huge music lover!). Kodachrome was a type of color film that Kodak started marketing in 1935. Paul was working on a song that was originally called “Coming Home” when the word “Kodachrome” came to him. He decided to rename the song and it became an appreciation of the things in life that color our world. And that’s exactly what I want this blog to be — an appreciation of the things in life that color our world. So there you have it, Kin & Kodachrome.

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travel | Things To Do In Dallas


Even though I live in Dallas, I still love to experience new things here whenever I have the opportunity. I thought it might be nice to share a blog post about my favorite things to do in Dallas for those of you planning a visit to The Lone Star State.

Sixth Floor Museum

One of the most iconic places in Dallas is the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building, the location where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy. The Sixth Floor Museum chronicles the assassination of President Kennedy.

Dallas Museum of Art

I have been going to the DMA since I was a kid and love the special exhibitions they have. This is one of the biggest art museums in the country and definitely worth a visit.

Klyde Warren Park

Built over a freeway in Downtown Dallas, Klyde Warren Park is 5.2 acres of urban green space with tons of fun events, food trucks and playground area. There are also a lot of group fitness activities in the park, so be sure to check out the schedule before visiting.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was visit the arboretum a few times a year. They offer several annual events and there are even concerts every Thursday night with a gorgeous view of White Rock Lake.

Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

Growing up, my family and I would go to the symphony to hear Christmas music. It was one of my favorite memories and I still love going almost every year for various events throughout the year. Not only is it always entertaining, but the building is beautiful too!

I’d love to hear your favorite things to do and see in Dallas. I’m always looking for new things to try!

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style saturday | Fall Wedding Guest

I’m attending my first wedding this fall today and I was struggling with what to wear big time! The wedding is outdoors, but with Texas weather, you just never know if it’s going to be hot or cold. Luckily, the temps have started to cool off quite a bit, so it’s finally starting to feel like fall. With that in mind, I knew I wanted something with some coverage for when it gets cooler at night, but also a dress that would breathe during the day. I just happened to be browsing at Target (story of my life) this week and stumbled upon this dress from Who What Wear for Target.


shop the look

| dress (sold out, but I’ve linked similar style) | clutch | sunglasses | watch | shoes |

I knew immediately this dress was the perfect fit for many reasons. First off, the materials is sheer (it comes with a slip underneath) and breezy. Secondly, maroon is the perfect color for fall. Finally, the length was great for when temperatures start to drop in the evening. Win, win, win!




I hope this post helps you dress for your next weekend! I’d love to hear your fall wedding guest style tips on the comments section.

photos by fortuitous foodies

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fitness | Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling


The more I travel, the more important I find it to incorporate workouts into my visits. When I’m in a new city, I don’t like to constrict my workouts to a gym. I mean, I can work out in a gym any time, but it’s not every day I can explore a new city. Below are a few ways I try to fit in workouts when traveling.

tour the city

Whenever I travel, I always pack comfortable shoes so I can get in as many steps as possible. Instead of taking an Uber around the city, I prefer to walk. It’s a great way to get some exercise and sight see all at once!

get outdoors

If I have the opportunity, I love to do outdoor activities, such as kayaking or hiking, when I travel. There is almost always some beautiful nature to explore no matter where you visit and many outdoor activities don’t cost anything!

try a new workout

Whenever I stay somewhere for more than a couple of days, it’s fun to try a new workout facility or group class. Many hotels will offer morning yoga or other fitness classes. You can also usually track down a city running group or fitness center that will let you pay per visit.

travel workout gear

c74d0a5201720fd3a7444a2804c4782e_best       a53ad5f290820cea71584e1a625e0e70_best      60c259ed41ee83873aad77b1163730dd_best      843e9498d2e84ba85b95e694aec923da_best

1 // nike ‘juvenate’ sneakers

2// athleta sugar rush top (on sale!)

3// athleta girl chit chat capri

4// swell marble water bottle


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travel | Travel Day Essentials

Now that I’ve started traveling quite a bit more, I have gotten down what is needed for travel days. I’ve definitely had to tweak my travel-day supplies over the years, but I’ve learned what works best for me and stick with it most of the time! I hope you all find the list I’ve put together helpful. I’d love to hear any travel day essentials you have!


shop my essentials

| suede baseball cap | similar ipad case | cole haan sneakers | botanics toning spritz  | cole haan sunglasses | large longchamp tote |

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style saturday | Earn Your Stripes

Let me start by saying that, despite the fact that I work full-time in fashion, I’ve always preferred comfortable clothes. With that being said, I still like to look cute and stay on trend whenever I can. Since this is a lifestyle blog, I thought it might be fun to incorporate one post a week to talk about style. You should note that I said style, not fashion. While most of the looks I’ll post will (hopefully) be on trend, they will also be everyday looks that you can wear to lunch on the weekends or to a coffee date after work. I hope these posts help inspire you in some way or at the very least give me some consistent content to post. 😉

For fall, I love light layers. I almost always have a sweater or jacket with me because I tend to get cold easy. This denim jacket pairs perfectly with everything! I also love having black jeans that I can wear with sneakers. I’ve been on a huge sneaker kick (pun intended) lately and have no intentions of stopping any time soon!


shop the look

| similar striped crewneck top | black destructed jeans | sunglasses | denim jacket  (on sale!)| shoes | watch | similar camera | bag |


shop similar styles

1//   550136ff7a6d202e05100515fb7152fc_best    2//    713e2c1b5b4d60fa1978832056c0ccf3_best    3//   bc9e60477ca879913cb9c5d6cde49a1f_best

1// j. crew striped drop sleeve top

2// topshop striped contrast top (on sale!)

3// loft striped peplum top

photos by fortuitous foodies

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travel | Where To Stay In Charleston

When staying in Charleston, I knew I wanted to be close to downtown (preferably within walking distance), but still some place affordable. The Restoration was the perfect place for me. Located right off King Street, this hotel was so convenient, with a gorgeous interior and amazing service. There was also a coffee shop (with great coffee) and delicious roof-top restaurant attached to the hotel, so there was really nothing missing!


As soon as I checked in, I felt pampered immediately. Someone helped me with my bags right away and made sure I knew exactly how to get to my room. Once in my room, I was so impressed with the decor and layout. Seriously roomy and so cute!



There was also a menu available for breakfast. All you have to do is check what you want, slide it under the door and voila, breakfast will be served in the morning!


One of my favorite things about the room was the spacious bathroom. The shower was fantastic and there was so much room to move around!


I also loved that The Restoration stocks their bathroom with high-quality products. It made showering so much more enjoyable. 🙂



If you’re looking for someplace to stay the next time you’re in Charleston, I highly recommend The Restoration. It had everything I was looking for and made my trip super convenient.

In case The Restoration is unavailable on your trip, I’ve also heard great things about The Mills House.

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